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Data-Triggered Advertising

Because external data factors have a huge influence on consumer decisions, we bring to you Data-Triggered Ad Campaigns.

  • Rainy
  • Time to Advertise
  • UV Index
  • UV 9
  • Time to Advertise
  • Time to Advertise
  • TV et Web
  • Time to Advertise

100+ Data Variables

Over 100 data-triggers to optimize your campaigns in real-time: Live TV Ads, Stock Exchange, ForEx, Weather (Rainy, Sunny, Cloud %, UV Index, Humidex…)

Unparalleled Flexibility

Once your data-trigger is met, you have total control over your advertising campaign: pause, unpause, increase or reduce bids. Works seamlessly with your current campaign setup for any city around the world.

Data-Driven Results

MediaSigma offers total accountability to ensure each data-triggered advertising optimization has a positive impact. Granular reports provide detailed results at the city level.

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